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Building Teams
Beyond the Code

Personalized talent solutions, crafted with precision.


Over twenty years, I've developed a unique approach to building and managing teams that goes beyond skills on a resume. I am here to help you find the ideal fit for your team's lasting success. Let’s talk. }

#Hi, I’m Mirly {


Senior Developers

Matching your team with experienced senior developers who not only fit technically but also embody your company's values and vision.

Junior Developers

Identifying and nurturing truly exceptional junior talent, giving them a springboard to thrive in your specific team environment.

Strategic Headhunting

Leveraging deep industry connections to find and secure the perfect candidates for your most critical roles

HR Services

Providing ongoing support and resources to nurture team development and adaptability for sustained success.


Quality Over Quantity

We Work Fast

We Get It Right,

A Lot.

Our People

Stay Longer

We Believe in Transparency

Solutions Tailored for Every Stage


Mirly and I have worked together for over a year. The collaboration has always been professional and pleasant,

with a genuine intention to help and find exactly what we're looking for. Always honest, with a direct and welcoming approach. We hired an excellent developer through her, who integrated wonderfully into the team and was highly valued and loved. Highly recommended!

Nofar Gilboa, HRBP, Percepto


BeyondCode, under Mirly's leadership, successfully embedded a software developer into the Careology technology team matching the right talent to our specific needs and culture. BeyondCode’s approach, focusing on both technical skills and the right fit, resulted in a seamless integration that exceeded our expectations. We're extremely satisfied with the outcome, highlighting BeyondCode's prowess in augmenting teams efficiently and effectively.

Danny Ogen, CTO, Careology

BeyondCode's strength lies in Mirly and her exceptional talent for identifying professional candidates perfectly suited for specific roles. What truly sets her apart, however, is her personal and caring approach.

Dana Gal, HR Director, Neogames

Our journey with Mirly began amidst doubts about whether our diverse, yet small and family-like company at its early stage could fit into such a recruitment process. We worried about the odds of successfully integrating a new team into our company's still-forming DNA. Mirly's guidance, identification, and support throughout the process helped us turn this into a success story. Today, after more than two years of working together, we can wholeheartedly recommend her

Liran Erez, CPO & Co-founder, PrettyDamnQuick

At Opmed, we're delighted with the professional services provided by Mirly from Beyond Code. We've found true partners in them, perfectly aligned with our vision, and we're excited about the opportunity to expand our collaboration and jointly achieve significant outcomes. Our cooperative efforts are growing, and we're pleased with our shared project, as well as the chance to integrate talented and exceptional ultra-Orthodox individuals into the industry.

Avi Paz, Co-Founder & CTO,

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